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The lifecycle of your metal roof can be extended greatly by having a commercial metal roof restoration project performed. That is a type of major repair to have done to your metal roofing system but would still be a lot less expensive compared to a total metal roof replacement. We have a team of professionally trained restoration experts that can find and repair all major problems before you have to spend a lot of money on replacing your roof. That is a specialty of Armadillo Roofing and Exteriors, and it can save you around 50% of what you would have to pay to replace your roof.

Bot many companies have the necessary expertise and experience to perform a full metal roof restoration. However, we have mastered the process and are one of the leaders now in the Austin area for commercial metal roof restoration.

In recent times metal roofs have become increasingly popular. However, they can still suffer from wear and tear caused by severe weather, just like all other types of roofing systems that are available. Restoration can resolve rusting issues, reduce leaks, and help your roof reflect more of the sun’s light and heat, and that can help to cool the building down below.

One of the major reasons why so many property manager and owner prefer metal roofing is due to their long lifecycles. However, they still do need to have maintenance done to them. Metal roofs are affected by weather elements over time just like all other types of roofs.

Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsWithout the proper maintenance being done, eventually, your metal roof will start to develop leaks. Once the coating on the roof has degraded, it will soon start to form rust. Many times you won’t even notice that degradation has occurred until there are leaks and it is too late to prevent the problem.

Fasteners, seams, skylights, ridge caps, skylights, vents, flashings, and other roof penetrations are the places you should focus on the most when you are inspecting for leaks. A metal roof is the most susceptible to lift-up at its overlapping edges during high wind conditions. Another area that is a weak spot for wind and moisture is the place where the metal roof is nailed or screwed into the metal roof trusses.

When you have an aging metal roof that is showing some signs of rust, stress and is leaking, what should you do? You will be very happy to know that it isn’t always necessary to have a total roof replacement done. Instead, you can have your metal roof repaired by using our restoration process. It is absolutely critical to choose the best restoration company and product so that your future damage and costs are both kept low.

How To Select The Best Product For Metal Roof Restoration

1. There is a good chance you have this problem due to choosing a roof coating when the roof was last repaired or installed that has become degraded. Be sure to choose a silicone roofing product since they are more durable compared to roofing systems made out of acrylic.

Less reinforcement is needed by silicone and will not haze, fade, chalk or degrade and is not susceptible to wash-off. That makes it superior to acrylic and it is an excellent material for making metal roof repairs.

2. Also, silicone products are better for the environment. They have a longer lifecycle and lower VOC, which helps to reduce their impact on the environment. The products are sometimes Energy Star compliant or a local quality assurance program has approved them. So be sure to compare them.

3. It might be a great time to make improvements to the R-value of your building. The insulation of the building can be improved from the outside by using a silicone spray foam, and that helps to reduce the impact on the interior of your property.

4. You can also compare the various silicone products that are recommended by your contractor. We understand that not every metal roofing system is created equal. We work constantly to improve our selection of products and our process and we individually monitor each project to ensure that we deliver the highest possible quality as well as maximum adhesion throughout the entire process.

After Your Metal Roof Restoration Project Is Complete

When you choose Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems to perform your roof restoration job, you can rest assured that you have selected the restoration process and product that will minimize the inconvenience to your property, reduce your energy expenses and environmental impact, and extend and maximize your metal roof’s lifespan.

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, is a commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, Texas, and specializing in commercial metal roof repair, commercial metal roof restoration and commercial metal roof replacement services in the Austin Texas area, including Temple, for the last two decades. When you need an experienced commercial roofing contractor that can give you the best advice regarding your restoration project, give us a call.



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