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Metal roofs come with some very attractive features that have enticed many property managers and owners to select this type of roofing system to use on their commercial properties, for both new construction projects as well as replacements. The following are a couple of the features that help to make it so attractive:

It’s Durable

Metal is a very resilient and solid material that is able to stand up very well against extreme elements. Roofing sheets and wall panels that are made out of metal provide strong fire and wind resistance and that helps to prevent air and water leaks. Third-party testing has proven that it can withstand high winds as strong as 150 miles an hour. A metal roof helps to keep a building weatherproof and durable.   

It’s Sustainability

Metal Roof Repair ContractorsThere are numerous roofing panels that are made out of 25-35%of recyclable materials, and that makes them almost totally recyclable when they reach the end of their long lifespan. That provides energy efficiency both while they are used and then when they are disposed of as well. A reflecting cool roof finish is often used for coating the panels, which reflects a lot of the infrared heat of the sun. That helps to keep the temperatures lower on the surface of the roof compared to uncoated or traditional materials and than increases energy savings even more by reducing utility expenses.

Metal roofs can be used with nearly any kind of insulation system. They are also strong enough to be able to handle thick insulation to maximize the energy performance of a building. Also, metal roofing systems work very well as the base when solar panels are installed. These panels can be installed on a metal roofing system without the panels being penetrated, which gives the building high performance at a very low-risk level.

It is not always necessary to replace metal roofing. Both the environment and building owners can benefit from the reduction in needing to replace the roof system, which generates lots of material for the landfills.

It Has a Long Lifespan

A standing seam low-slope steel metal roofing system can last up to 40 years or even longer. Most commercial properties have a service life of about 60 years, so a key point to the design success of a building is to increase its energy efficiency while also reducing the maintenance and operating expenses at the same time. A metal roofing system definitely enhances these things. One of the major benefits that are provided by a metal roof is the way it positively impacts building performance through its sustainability, durability, and longevity. These benefits far exceed a traditional shingle roof system’s performance.

Those benefits help to make metal roofing systems a great option for agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Your metal roofing should be kept in optimum condition. Here is how to do that:

Keep Your Drains and Gutters Clean — When drains and gutters are clogged, water is collected and the edges of the metal roofing system can be damaged. Your drains and gutters should be inspected on a regular basis to avoid blockage and organic materials building up. If you notice your drainage system is clogged up, hire a professional instead of trying to tackle the problem on your own.

Trim Tree Branches – When branches fall from trees nearby it can seriously damage your roof and building. Also, tree limbs drop leaves that are filled with moisture onto your roof along with other types of organic material. If your metal roof receives too much moisture it can cause it to leak and corrode. Hire a tree trimming company to come out to trim any branches that may be hanging close to your roof.

Get Your Roof Inspected On A Regular Basis – The protective materials on your roof can be weakened by the weather. Contact an experienced roofer and have them inspect your roof for leaks and other deterioration signs. Leaks can cause your roofing system to weaken, which can result in needing to replace your roof, which is a more expensive problem. A profession can look for potential problems and then provide them with the best solutions.

Hire an Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractor – It can be dangerous to perform roof maintenance. A professional commercial roofer has the necessary experience and safety gear to do your job safely and properly.

Metal Roofing Benefits:

  • May be installed on your existing roof
  • Optional solar panels
  • A Life expectancy of 40 to 50 years
  • May be installed with insulation
  • May be installed with insulation that is aesthetically appealing for commercial buildings
  • Save money on your monthly bills
  • LEED Compliant and Energy-efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Watertight, long lasting, and high quality

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