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One of the major reasons why so many property owners choose a metal roof instead of another type of roofing system is due to its long lifespan. However, that doesn’t mean a metal roof doesn’t need any maintenance. Over time, metal roofs can be as vulnerable to weather elements as other types of roofs are.

One of the most critical and biggest components in your overall commercial building is the roofing system. If you have maintenance performed by a professional commercial metal roofing contractor on a regular schedule it will help to extend the life of your roof and over the long run save you a lot of money by minimizing or avoiding expensive repairs. When you have a preventative maintenance plan set up with your contractor that can provide the necessary care that your roof needs and increase its lifespan. Having the proper water drainage is critical for properly maintaining your roof and to keep it free of leaks. Inspecting your drains, downspouts, and gutters and keeping them clear and clean of debris regularly will ensure that adequate water flow away from your roof is allowed. Leaking or broken condensation drain pipes from your HVAC equipment can cause there to be moistures on your roof constantly.

When you have a routine maintenance program instituted, especially if your roofing system is almost at the end of its overall lifespan, that can help you identify problems or solutions, like specialized coatings, to help extend its life further. If you do not have commercial roofing professionals performing inspections on a regular basis, your roof might deteriorate past the point where you can use these types of options.

Your metal roof can start to develop leaks if you don’t have a scheduled maintenance program in place. Metal can rust fairly quickly after its roof coating starts to deteriorate. You will often not see the deterioration until it’s too late, and your roof starts to leak and then you have a much larger and more expensive problem on your hands.

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Some of the major places where you need to inspect for leaks include – vents, ridge caps, skylights, seams, flashings, fasteners, and any other kinds of penetrations that might go through your roof’s surface.

Metal Roof Repair ContractorsSo what should you do if your metal roof is starting to show signs of rust and/or leaks? You will be happy to know that you don’t always need to completely re-install or replace a metal roof. Usually, you can get your metal roof fixed easily and affordably by hiring a professional and qualified commercial metal roof repair contractor. However, you need to be careful and make sure you choose a good company to perform the repairs and minimize future expenses and damage.

The roofing system’s penetrations and roof flashing for plumbing vents, HVAC ducts, and other items need to be checked according to a regular schedule. The products that are used for placing seals around penetrations and flashing can start to deteriorate.  Having regularly scheduled inspections done by a professional commercial roofing contractor will locate the problems so that they can be repaired before any large leaks occur.

Areas around the roof’s hatches or other access points also are high traffic areas. Those areas need to be checked regularly. The sections surrounding roof-mounted equipment like HVAC units communication equipment, and power vents need to be watched very closely. Scheduled or required maintenance on the equipment can cause unintentional damage to the roof.

Another problem that metal roofs tend to have is lift-up on overlapping edges. Since metal roofs are nailed or screwed to the trusses, rust at those points can cause a weak spot for wind or water to lift the roof up.

Having regularly scheduled inspections will also make it possible for you to closely monitor your roofing system’s condition and you can estimate what its remaining life is. That can be very valuable information for budgeting and planning purposes for your yearly operations as you move forward.

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