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Temple Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Reasons Why You Should Use Temple Commercial Roof Restoration Systems

Does the roof on your commercial property need repair? Perhaps you are even thinking of overhauling the entire roofing. Instead of replacing your roof, you should consider calling Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems to get comprehensive and quality commercial metal roof restoration services for your commercial building.

Extreme weather conditions can make the quality of your roofing system to deteriorate. Extreme climate can make the roof fasteners to become loose, cause cracking in the membrane of the roof, the peeling of laps and other issues with your roof. Instead of overhauling your roofing which can be obtrusive, time consuming and expensive, you should consider another better and more viable option. Our firm can offer you better roofing with more protection against extreme weather conditions while saving you huge bucks and time.

For the past two decades, we have worked with property owners, facility and property managers and offered the best roofing solutions. Due to the strong reputation that we have created, our experience and expertise when it comes to roofing issues, we are regarded as ‘’The Roof Restoration Experts’’.

Since we know that each roof has its own characteristics and challenges, we offer restoration services that are customized to suit your unique needs. By choosing our top of the range restoration system, you will get a longer life cycle and extended warranties on your roof thus you are assured that your building will remain dependable for a long time to come.

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsOurs is not a trial and error service. Our restoration services have been tested for many years and they have proved to be dependable and high quality. Instead of spending huge sums on overhauls, you can save money by choosing our restoration systems. The money that you save with us can be used to expand your enterprise.

On request, we can easily provide you with verifiable details of past happy and satisfied clients from your locality. The best systems are usually backed by great applicators. As such, we have a vast network of highly trained applicators. Our applicator program is designed to suit and benefit building owners, contractors and the customers of property managers who are seeking the best protection for their properties. It is true to say that our technical service team is the best in the industry.

When you are having a roof replacement being carried out, you may be forced to close the doors of your business. This can translate to a loss of valuable time and money. If the issues at hand are not major, you can choose to get repairs but repairs are only temporary and they just patch the existing problem for a while. Since there is a better and more effective solution compared to repairs, why not take advantage of the solution to get a lasting answer to your problems?

Experienced and Dependable Commercial Metal Roof Restoration Contractors

At Taurus Elite, we offer a commercial restoration solution that is bound to return your roofing to its original pristine condition and also increase its lifespan. One of the main components of our system is a superior quality tensile coating used for sealing leaks and seams. This coating is the sets the industry standard for quality and affordability. If you are seeking to get protection from the ravages of extreme weather conditions or the fading that affects roofing with time, this coating is the best choice to use. We also offer Cool Roof and bright white reflective options that have a high Energy Star rating. To our clients we offer the guarantee that the systems we install are highly durable. Further, we offer warranties and other guarantees.

Our motto is that you should never replace your roof. Restoration is better in all aspects when compared to replacement. With time, roofing systems made of metal tend to age and deteriorate. Deterioration is mostly caused by fasteners and seams. To combat the deteriorating condition of a roof, you can choose restoration or repair which both use almost similar procedures. However, repairs just fix the leaks on a roof instead of offering complete sealing. However, if your current budget cannot cater for a complete restoration, we have very great options for carrying out repairs alone. We carry out an inspection and assess where your roof has a problem to help you budget for the repairs that should be done.

When it comes to inspections, every fastener and screw has to be carefully assessed. During the installation of a roof, a washer is usually fixed to each screw to prevent the entry of moisture. However, as a roof ages, the washers can crack due to brittleness hence allowing unwanted moisture to seep into your property. Metal roofs are also vulnerable to moisture penetration because a lot of huge sheets are used during installation. The edges of these sheets offer a potential area for moisture and water to penetrate into your property. If there are huge winds, the possibility of water entering into your property usually becomes higher. Though during the installation of a roof there is usually sealant placed between the sheets, as the roof ages, the sealant usually deteriorates hence allowing moisture to seep into your property.

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, provides commercial roofing services to Austin, Texas and the surrounding communities, including Temple. This includes commercial metal roof repair, commercial metal roof restoration, commercial metal roof replacement and commercial flat roofing services. We have been providing professional commercial roofing services to the area for over 20 years.


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