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Temperature fluctuations, being exposed to the rays of the sun on a daily basis, weather, and time all can impact a roofing system. The deterioration process will start to show up in the form of splits as well as cracks in the membrane of the roof, peeling laps, and fasteners that back out. It can be very time-consuming and costly to tear a roof off, but there might be a much better option that is available to you. We provide a custom restoration system that offers seamless protection that effectively defends against pooling or ponding water, extreme weather, the rays of the sun, and other types of threats while also saving you a lot of money over needing to have your entire roof replaced.

You can have the lifespan of your metal roofing system extended significantly by having a commercial metal roof restoration project done. It is a major renovation project for your metal roofing system. However, it costs a lot less than a total roof replacement does. Our experienced and professionally trained team of experts will detect and refurbish any major problems that your roofing system has before you need to invest large sums of money into a roof replacement. It is a specialty of Taurus Construction, and we can save you up to 50% of what you would need to spend on replacing your entire roof.

There are not too many roofing contractors with the right expertise and experience to conduct a full metal roof restoration.  However, this is a process that we have mastered and we are one of the leaders in Texas for this process. We have worked successfully for more than 20 years with property owners, property managers, and facility managers. Our dedication to all of our experience combined with our expertise has given us our well-deserved reputation in the field as “The Roof Restoration Experts.” All of our expertise and experience we share with our customers. That way they can make an educated and informed decision when selecting the best option to meet their building’s specific needs. The high-performance restoration systems that we provide are a reliable solution that comes with extendable warranties long with lower expenses over your commercial metal roof’s lifecycle.

Over the years we have installed our unique roofing restoration system on many projects and it has a proven history for performing well. Why continue to waste the hard-earned money of your business when you can save thousands of dollars on your roof restoration system so that you can invest the money you save back into your business operations? Ask us for testimonials for our customers as well as details on past projects that are feature many of our satisfied customers from your local area.

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsGreat systems and products cannot succeed without great applicators and crews. Over the years we have been able to develop a large network of experienced applicators. The ongoing applicator training programs that we offer not only benefit contracts but also tenants, facility managers, and property owners to protect their buildings. We believe we have the finest technical service team in the field.

If you are planning to have a total roof replacement done, then you might need to shut your property down for some time. That means if you own your business and have to replace your roof, then there will be an interruption to your business operations, and that can cost you a lot of time and money. Localized metal roof repair is one potential solution, but that will not solve the long-term problems. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a long-term and more economical solution?

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular, however, all of the wear and tear that severe weather elements inflict on them can cause them to break down, just like other types of roofing systems. Issues with rust are resolved by metal roof restoration, and it also repairs leaks and helps the roof reflect more heat and light to reduce your utility expenses by keeping the property below cooler.

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration Contractors With Integrity

The long lifespan of a metal roofing system is one of the major reasons why so many property managers and building owners select this type of system over other kinds of roofs. However, that doesn’t mean they require any maintenance. Over time, metal roofs are affected by elements just like other types of roofing systems are. Unless the right regular maintenance schedules are followed it is inevitable that your metal roof will start to develop leaks. After the coating on the roof starts to deteriorate, rust will start to form. A majority of the time, you will not be able to see the degradation until there are leaks, and then it will be too later and water will have penetrated your property by that point.

Penetrations on a metal roof, including ridge caps, skylights, fasteners, seams, vents, and flashings are the major areas you need to focus on whenever your roof is being inspected for leaks. A metal roof can become susceptible at its overlapping edges to lift-up when there is a storm with high winds. Another area that can be vulnerable to wind and moisture is the place where the metal roof gets nailed or screwed into the trusses on the roof.

So when your metal roof starts to fail, and it is beginning to show signs of leaking, stress, and rust, what should you do? Fortunately, your only option is not a total roof replacement. You can also choose to have your metal roofing system repair through having us perform our comprehensive and unique commercial metal roof restoration process.

It is critical to choose the right restoration company and products for the application to ensure that your restoration process is successful. Taurus Construction has been offering commercial roofing services in the Austin, Texas area for more than 20 years. That includes commercial metal roof installation, commercial metal roof restoration, and commercial metal roof repair. If you need an experienced and trustworthy company that will answer any questions you might have regarding a commercial metal roof restoration, we are waiting for you to call us at 800-674-3434.


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