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Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Austin Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration You Can Count On

Weather can wreak havoc on your commercial metal roof. However, there is a process that will eliminate any leaks, fixes rusting areas and helps your metal roof to reflect the sun’s heat and rays all while extending your roof’s lifespan. Its called Commercial Metal Roof Restoration.

You would be well advised to get an inspection done on your roof before you make the decision to take on the expense of replacing your roof. Our unique process will make your metal roof look and protect like new. Another benefit is reducing your utility expenses by as much as 305 or more because it keeps your building cooler by reflecting the sun’s heat.

The root of your issues is where we will begin. The fabrics and coating techniques we use will eliminate the problems you may be experiencing with your screws, fasteners and seams along with getting rid of any trust. When all these issues taken care of, we then seal the whole roof. You’ll get an extended warranty that lowers your expenses and makes for a completely seamless, watertight roofing system.

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration Contractors

If you already have a seamless roof, adding our restoration process to it will make it completely resistant to moisture. You’ll see many productive years added to your roof’s life expectancy, resisting rust, stopping leaks, and being energy efficient, all while looking great. We use a rust inhibiting primer, as a first step, on the entire roof. Next we address the problematic seams, screws and fasteners before applying the highly reflective coating to finish it off.

The area that usually produces the weakest points for leaking is the seams. Our restoration process is designed to keep this from happening. The coating is very light in weight, so it will not only give you fantastic protection from Texas’ extreme weather fluctuations, but it will preserve your building’s structure as well. No matter your budget, we can come up with a plan to fit your particular situation and offering a varied selection of materials and services.

Some Highlights of our Metal Roof Restoration Process:

  • During the warranty period, you could save enough money between avoiding the replacement and your utility costs to pay for it.
  • Some communities offer tax credits  or rebates for installing a “green” or ‘cool” roof on your building.

Other Pluses:

There could be tax savings since a restoration may be able to be written off as an expense, opposed to a roof replacement, which would probably need to be capitalized. This is something you should consult your accountant on.

  • Extended life expectancy.
  • Less costly and easier to maintain and repair.
  • Non-prorated material warranties.
  • Light weight coating to help preserve your building’s structure.
  • Lower maintenance due to the dirt-resistant finish.

Metal roofing systems are most definitely affected by extreme weather and the sun’s heat. Peeling back laps, split or cracking membranes, and fasteners or screws backing out is how your roof is going to show that it needs help. There’s a better option  than going to the effort, expense and disruption of tearing off and replacing your roof.

Dependable Metal Roof Restoration Contractors

We have over 20 years of experience working with property managers, facility managers and property owners. We’re called “The Metal Roof Restoration Experts” because of our long history of using our research, development and technical prowess to help our customers make the best informed decision for their particular situation.

Each manager or owner has a particular set of needs, and we create a specialized process for their building that meets them. You’ll save a lot of money over the life of your metal roof and have a dependable, solid asset you can depend on moving forward. Why not reinvest the money you save by restoring your roof instead of replacing it, back into your company?

You can reach us at 512-332-4422 if you have any questions about what a commercial metal roof restoration will do for your roof. Whether you’re located in an area with cold or warmer temperatures, there’s a metal roof restoration process that will work for your building to save you money, time, waste disposal, and more, opposed to replacement. No matter, your geographical requirements, our experience and technically trained crew members will have a solution for you.

Ask us about testimonials from our successful projects and satisfied customers. Great products won’t work without great applicators. We have put together a substantial applicator network filled with quality, technically trained individuals, benefitting building owners, facility managers, property managers and tenants, protecting their biggest asset, their building. We can honestly claim that we have the best technical service team in the commercial metal roof restoration market. So call us when you need an experienced, honest commercial metal roof restoration contractor to help you navigate the options available with your metal roof.


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