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Replacing the roof on a commercial building is a major job. It is something that needs to be done, rather than something that a property manager or building owner might want to do. The task is not one that companies look forward to. However, we really look forward to all of the roofing projects that we work on. Since it isn’t viewed as something positive, a majority of property managers and owners want to spend the least amount of money possible on replacing a commercial metal roof. All buildings are unique, so determine how much it is going to cost to replace your commercial metal roof will depend on several different factors. Let’s take a close look at the major principles that are behind commercial roof replacement instead of specific figures. There are websites that you can always visit and try to estimate what the cost will be, but given the fact that every roof is unique, these estimates are usually not very accurate.

We will be looking at the most important factors that you need to take into consideration when determining your roof replacement cost:

  • The Size of Your Roofing Project – How large the roof is will definitely impact the cost. The dimensions of the building, as well as its height (special equipment and lifts might be necessary), need to be factored in.
  • Your Roof Features – There might be features on your roof such as parapet walls, vents, drains, hatches, skylights, or chimneys. You might need to remove them and reinstalled them with barriers and flashings during the installation. That will add time and additional expenses to your replacement project.
  • Will Your Current Roof Have To Be Removed? – If your existing roof needs to be removed that will add significant costs to the project. There are 3 potential ways that your existing metal roof can be replaced: restoring the metal roof that you currently have, getting a new roof installed on top of the existing one, or taking off the roof you currently have and replacing it entirely. If you choose the option of removing and replacing your old, additional time and cost will need to be added to your project estimate. This steps can be eliminated to save you money and time if you choose one of the other two options.
  • Restoring Your Current Metal Roof – A comprehensive metal roof restoration involves fixing any problems and then having a silicone spray coating applied on top of the finished repairs. That will eliminate you needing to have your existing roof taken off and having to totally replace it. Once the useful life of the roof has come to an end, the restoration productions may be recycled and then used on the next project. That means you will save more money when your warranty expires. Your roof can quickly be renewed and its useful life can be extended again. That means that once the useful life of the restoration has come to end, and the warranty period is over, you can use the same process to renew it again.    
  • Install a New Roof On Top of Your Old One – Another way to avoid having to tear off the existing roof is to install another roof on top of it. That may mean once the new roof’s life has come to an end, that you will have two roofs to tear off instead of only one. That can push the tearing off expenses into the future instead of having to pay the major additional expense now.
  • The Amount of Debris That You Need To Get Rid Off – Tearing the existing roof off odes produce lots of debris and waste. That will add extra time and expense to your project and you will be adding to the landfill which is overflowing already. There are several different ways that your costs will accumulate when you need to tear off your roof: you will need to have dumpsters, you will probably need to add insulation, the roof decking might need to be repaired, and more labor will be needed. The debris and waste cost money and will have to be added to your project’s estimated cost.
  • New Roof Replacement – You will need to consider roof replacement if you decide you are going to remove the old roof. The replacement cost will depend on the type and design of materials that you have selected for the new roof. When calculating your costs, you need to factor in various material choices into your estimate. The least expensive option is a metal roof restoration. A complete metal roof replacement costs even less than SPF or BUR roofs.

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LifeSpan Long Term Costs

Metal Roof Replacement ContractorsFinally, you also need to consider future operation and maintenance costs in your overall estimate. Commercial metal roofs do have a long lifespan. However, if they are not properly maintained, over time, they can break down with repairs and leaks. The least expensive option is a full commercial metal roof restoration. But you will need to properly maintain it, and once its life is over, you can restore it again, to extend the life of the roof even longer. For your metal roof’s specific requirements and need, consult with a professional and experienced commercial roofing contractor and obtain estimates on several different options. Then you will be able to determine whether restoration or replacement is the best option for your budget and commercial building.

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, is a commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, Texas, and specializing in commercial metal roof repair, commercial metal roof restoration and commercial metal roof replacement services in the Austin Texas area, including Waco, for the last two decades. When you need a commercial roofing contractor with plenty of experience in commercial metal roof replacement, you should be calling us.


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