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Commercial Metal Roof Replacement in Temple

The job involved to replace a roof over a commercial building is in no way a small task. It is also regarded as something that “has to be done”, rather than something that property managers or building owners “want to do”. Many companies do not enjoy the thought of it. However, our company enjoys every roofing project that we work on. Because these projects are not regarded as an experience that is positive, many property managers and owners would like to spend the least possible in order to replace commercial roofs.

However, it is important to know that every building will be unique, so working out the costs involved to replace a commercial metal roofing system will depend on a number of factors. Below we have compiled a list of the primary principles involved in replacing commercial roofs. You can choose to visit a few websites which try to estimate the costs involved, yet since every roof is different, these figures are usually not very accurate.

We will discuss the primary items that you have to factor in when attempting to find out what your roof replacement will cost:

  • The Project Size – It is obvious that the size of the roof will contribute towards the costs. You should also factor in heights as specialized equipment or lifts may be a requirement. Other factors will also include the dimensions of the roof and building.
  • The Features Present On The Existing Roof – Your commercial roof might feature items such as chimneys, hatches, parapet walls, drains, and skylights. These may need to be reinstalled or removed with barriers and flashings over the process of the installation. This will add to the time and expense to replace the roof.
  • Does The Current Roof Need To Be Removed? – The removal of an existing roof is going to add an expense that is significant to the project. There are 3 main ways to replace an existing metal roof. This includes the total removal of your current roof, restoring the original metal roof, or the installation of a roof over your existing one. If you have chosen to remove your old roof and replace it with a new one, it becomes important to factor in additional time and costs to the project assessment. You are able to do away with this step which will save you time and money when you choose one of these options.
  • Installing A New Roof Over Your Existing One – It is also possible to avoid the complete removal of an old roof when you install new roofing materials over the old one. However, with this option, it usually means that once the new roof has reached the end of its life, it becomes necessary to tear both roofs off instead of only a single roof. The expense for the tear-off would be more in future years, yet you could avoid the major costs of such an addition now.
  • How Much Debris Would Need To Be Disposed Of – The tear-off of an old roof usually results in lots of debris and waste. This adds time and costs to the project along with adding to the landfills that are already overflowing. When your roof is removed, there are a number of ways that add to the expenses. A dumpster is usually required, roof decking will require repairs, insulation is usually an addition, and the labor required. The debris and waste produce waste, and this obviously costs money which needs to be added to the estimate for your project.
  • New Roof Replacement Design and Materials – Once you have decided to remove the existing roof, you need to choose a replacement method. The costs involved for replacements depends on the design and type of materials that you have chosen for the new roof. When you start making calculations, the materials you have chosen need to be added to the estimate. A roof restoration is an option that is least costly, and the complete replacements costing the most.

Commercial Roof Replacement Contractors With Extensive Experience

Metal Roof Replacement ContractorsRestoration Of The Existing Metal Roof May Be An Option – Conducting a comprehensive restoration for your metal roof by repairing any issues and the application of a silicone-spray coating over the repair is the way this option would work. This method does not require a tear-off and removal of the current roof. When they reach the end of their expected life, restoration products could also be recycled and used for your next project. This also means that you can save money when your warranty expires with a way to renew your roof quickly to extend a useful life again. This ultimately means that when a useful life of restoration comes to an end and the roof is out of warranty, you are able to restore the roof again using this process again.

Lifespan Cost Over The Long Term – It is also important to think about the costs involved in maintenance and repairs in the future. The commercial metal roofs are associated with a long life-span. Yet without the correct maintenance, they can break down and experienced leaks and the need for repairs as the years go by. A full roof restoration for a metal roof is the most cost-effective option. Yet this option also required maintenance, yet once the lifespan comes to an end, you can restore your roof again. For all your requirements and needs for your roof make sure you contact a professional, and experienced roofing contractor to provide you with an estimate and the different options .

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, is a commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, Texas, and specializing in commercial metal roof repair, commercial metal roof restoration and commercial metal roof replacement services in the Austin Texas area, including Temple, for the last two decades. The you need a consultation with a commercial roofing contractor that has extensive experience with commercial metal roofing systems, give us a call.


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