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More commercial building owners and property managers are choosing metal roofing. The reason is that this material continues to advance with technology and better application developments. There was a time when metal roofing was not the most reliable type around, but that has changed with today’s roofing systems. Today’s products last for up to 50 years, especially if they are cared for properly and they receive the maintenance that they deserve along with regular inspections.

The rules for proper metal roof maintenance are similar to those for conventional roofs. The commercial metal roofing contractor you work with has experience with both metal and other roof systems and can advise you more. They are familiar with how to install them and service them. They can spot problems with metal roofs during routine maintenance and help you get the most life out of them.

Determining Roof Problems

The maintenance roof schedule that you put into place should work to lengthen the lifespan of the system. Find problems as early as possible. This allows you to easily eliminate them or fix them before they turn into something costlier.

Water leaks are the most common issue in metal roofs.  These come about as a result of poorly installed systems. If any penetrations are left without protection or if any joints are not used correctly, leaks are inevitable. Even though they can be a problem, when they are detected early a complete repair is possible.

Leaks are caused by four typical installation problems when metal roofs are installed. Always work with an experienced contractor in metal roofing. They can be a big help to your building or property manager. They will alert them of any problems the moment they spot them.

Experienced Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractors

The four main areas that your contractor should go over when inspecting your roof include the following:

  • The proper use of caulk sealants or required bars in roof seam spaces.
  • Missing sealant at the four-way panel laps or improper connections by the eves.
  • Improperly installed tape sealant underneath screw heads.
  • Improper caulking between the underside of the roof panels and trim.

Your professional contractor can use a feeler tool. It detects any sealants wherever they appear in necessary spots. The tool fits in the Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractorsroof seams and is thin enough to determine if any sealants are applied incorrectly or not at all. If they are improperly applied, it may necessitate removing the panels and applying the sealant again and reinstalling all panels.

Not every water leak is a product of poor installation. There are times water leaks occur because the roof is defective in its design. If the closure strips, for instance, are poorly made those at the closure strips may be impossible to keep from waterproofing. This is especially true if they have defective trapezoidal seams. Leaks happen as a result of these defects from overflowing gutters or drains.  If the roof has end closures that have been used be sure that the sealant has been used properly and is always inspected carefully.

Water problems may not always stem from these parts of the metal roof. Have your roofing contractor look at the other areas of concern such as open seams and penetrations. Leaks are relatively common at these points If the intersection points are made with other materials such as masonry or ridge vents the poor termination at these locations can also produce leaks and allow moisture into the building.

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, is a commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, Texas, and specializing in commercial metal roof repair, commercial metal roof restoration and commercial metal roof replacement services in the Austin Texas area, including Waco, for the last two decades. When you need an experienced commercial metal roof repair contractor that you can depend on, call us.


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