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Commercial Metal Roof Repair Services

One major advantage that a metal roofing system offers over a single ply or flat roof is that it has a longer lifespan. It is actually more than double what the average lifespan is of the other options. In fact, a commercial metal roof is able to last up to 40 years or even longer. Another major benefit is that over the course of their lifespans, they need less maintenance as well.

Commercial Metal Roofing Advantages

  • 40-50 year average lifespan
  • Every energy efficient
  • Can be installed with insulation
  • Can be installed over an existing roof
  • Reduces monthly utility bills
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Long Lasting Quality and Water Tight
  • Outstanding Curb Appeal
  • Optimal to use with Solar Panels

One thing to keep in mind that metal roofs do contract and expand more compared to other kinds of roofing systems. That places pressure on the fasteners, seams, and flashing. It can create separation between the components and moisture will start leaking into the areas down below over the years. If you don’t stay on top of it, you will end up having to replace your roofer sooner rather than later.

Replacement is a major expense, so a majority of property owners will attempt to repair the roof until their time and budget allow them to get the replacement scheduled. The best thing that you can do to increase your roof’s useful life is to get a routine maintenance plan in place and then follow it. We offer yearly maintenance inspects to our customers to help them find any minor repairs that should be made to help avoid having to replace their roof. That will help you make informed decisions about your roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair ContractorsMetal is more expensive than some other types of roofing systems to install on your building. However, when you take into consideration the shorter life expectancy, and increased maintenance and repairs that flat roofing requires, then it is obvious that metal offers some very important advantages.

You can eliminate the middle man and save lots of money if you roll form the panels at the job site rather then ordering them from a factory. That is especially true when you have a large commercial or industrial building. You can get the panels cut into the exact lengths you need and put together without horizontal lap joints, to give you even more control over the entire process.

It has been shown by research that over half of the commercial buildings that have been recently built in the US are metal roofing systems. That has created a huge future market for the repair and restoration of commercial metal roofs. That means it is a smart decision to choose a metal roof for your commercial or industrial building.

Some Issues That A Commercial Metal Roofing System Might Experience

Before you have any roofing repair issues turn into needing a full replacement you should get a routine maintenance schedule established to detect issues early on in the process to extend the life expectancy of your roof. The most common problem is leaking water. The main cause of leaking problems is poor installation process. One of the main factors that cause leaking is how much protection from the elements is provided by the roof penetrations. Detecting issues and getting them repaired is a very simple process for a professional who knows what to search for.

There are 4 major installation problems that are the cause of a majority of leaks that occur in a commercial roofing system. It is the commercial roofing contractor’s responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any of the common problems that might be taking place on your roof.

The 4 following issues should be checked by the commercial metal roofing contractor when they inspect your roof:

  • Screw heads with the wrong tape sealant installed under them.
  • Eves and panel laps with the wrong sealant installed.
  • Poor quality under the trim and roof panels
  • Screw heads with the wrong tape sealant under them.

When the right kind of specialized equipment is used it will show whether or not the right sealants are installed throughout your roof. There is a tool that can be used to check the dimensions and tight spaces that has been designed to fit into them. If the sealants were not initially installed correctly for some reasons, or not at all, then the contractor will need to take them off and reinstall them.

However, not all issues are caused by improper installation. The roof’s actual design process can be the culprit at times. The following is an example – if there are closure strips and trapezoidal seams at the eves that have a poor design, then you might have a problem with them staying watertight. Also, if the end closures at the gutters and drains are designed and installed improperly, they will leak and overflow. Even with the right end closures are used and properly installed, you might have leaks still if the right sealant isn’t used.

If those areas are watertight, then other parts of your commercial metal roof will need to be inspected. The seams and open penetrations are other places where leaks frequently occur. Some of the areas that are very important to check are any intersections with other types of materials – for example, ridge vents or masonry – which are both common areas where leaks occur.

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