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Metal Roof Restoration

Save Big With Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration Will Save You Money

Do you have a commercial metal roof that is aging? Do you have spots, rust spots on your roof or areas that appear to be weak? It is possible to extend your metal roof’s life with a metal roof restoration system that is proven for waterproof, seamless protection that is long lasting.

One great alternative for replacing your roof is commercial metal roof restoration. The actual design of a metal roof makes it prone to failure. Seams and fasteners are two of the main sources causing metal roofs.

On metal roofs, every screw is potentially a problem area due to fasteners being exposed. When the screws on a metal roof are installed, there are rubber washers included that are designed to seal the screw to protect it against moisture. But over time, the rubber will crack and become brittle and that lets moisture to seep in.

Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsMetal roofing gets installed in the form of large sheets, and that means that every sheet is a spot that can potentially leak as well. During windy conditions, there is a wicking action that can pull up water in between the sheets of metal to let it into the building. Whenever new metal gets installed, usually a sealant gets applied in between the metal sheet. However, over time what happens is the sealant starts to decay and will let moisture get inside of the building.

With that in mind, before committing a lot of your money to replace the commercial metal roof, have us come out and inspect it for you. It probably can be restored using our high-performance Commercial Metal Roof Restoration System.

Most of the heat from the sun is reflected by our Restoration System. Therefore, properties are cooler naturally – which can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent. Our system starts with the roof of the overall issue.  We will neutralize the rust, waterproof the protrusions, seams, and screws on the roof using our coating and fabric techniques. The whole roof is then sealed using a polyurethane acrylic coating. That will provide you with a completely seamless roof system which can last up to 10 or 15 more years, providing you with an energy and an ecologically efficient roof that can save you lots of money.

Metal Roof Restoration Contractors With Experience

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems employs a comprehensive metal roof waterproofing restoration system. That inhibits rust, stops leaks, and provide you with an attractive, long-lasting, and energy-efficient finish coat that will expend your metal roof’s lifespan for many years. The restoration process involves the whole roof being cleaned and then rust inhibiting primer is used to prime it. Once the fasteners and seams are reinforced, a highly reflective coating is covered over the whole roof.

The system has been designed specifically to stop leaks where it occurs most open – at the seams. Along with excellent protection against the penetration of moisture, the lifespan of a roof is extended by the Metal Roof Restoration System by allowing it to hold up in serious weather and reduces cooling costs through reflecting the harmful rays of the sun. Lightweight restoration roofing coating may also help to extend the structure of a building. We provide a comprehensive array of services to meet your budget and metal roofing needs.

The following is a basic overview of how our process works: 

1. Prime the Metal Roof  – The initial step is to neutralize rust spot and prevent any future rust using a metal primer and rust-off.

2. Caulk Openings And Seams  – Next, all potential weak posts and fastener heads are caulked using a fastener grade caulking compound.

3. Protect The Seams  – Special fabric or tape is used to waterproof the roof’s seams, which compresses material in between a few base coat layers.

4. Apply the Final Coating – Finally, a final reflective topcoat is applied that protects the roof against leaking and will provide you with reliable protection against the rays of the sun and extreme weather for many years into the future. Making your roof watertight is the first step in the process. Then the final coat adds an added leak protection level. After applying the final coat, your metal roof is ready to handle 10 to 18 years worth of the harsh Texas sun.   

The following are a few of the benefits that you will immediately see:

  • Stops the Leaking – A majority of metal roof leaks begin at the seam which is the weakest point of the roof. Our innovative coating seals the seams, to inhibit rust and prevent leaks.
  • Reduces Energy Expenses – The reflective, white coating will help to keep a metal roof cooler by up to 80 degrees, and that can save you as much as 84% of your overall energy expenses.
  • Superior Protection – Ideal for all climates, our system offers protection against hail and high winds.
  • Save enough money in cooling expenses to pay for the MR Restoration System while you are still in your warranty period.
  • Gives you eligibility for the new “green” rebates and/or building tax credits from the federal government.
  • Tax savings. It might be possible for your metal roof restoration project to be expensed as maintenance or a repair cost for the year in which the work was conducted. On the other hand, roof replacement is required to be capitalized.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Affordable and easy to renew and repair.
  • Extended roof life (A cool roof lasts for a longer period of time)
  • Dirt-resistant finish requires less maintenance.
  • Lightweight restoration coating will preserve the structure of your building.
  • Non-pro-rated material warranties offered.

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, is a commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, Texas, and specializing in Commercial Metal Roof Repair, Commercial Metal Roof Restoration and Commercial Flat Roofing Services. When you need answers regarding your commercial metal roof repairs, restoration or replacement, call us.

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