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Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Mark Franz, the owner of TaurusEliteRoofing.com, a subsidiary of  Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors, has over 16 years Commercial and Residential Roofing experience. His professional roofing expertise started after Mark ‘served’ 20 years as a Facilities Manager for several Fortune 500 companies. In this capacity, he was in charge of many commercial construction projects for these companies.

Mark is personally accomplished in all phases of Commercial Roofing Construction, which gives us the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly integrate our Commercial Metal Roofing Systems into the overall plans for your new building, or for the existing components of your current property.

Mark feels the best students make the best instructors.   Since his first roof installation, Mark has been a student of the roofing industry.  From learning how to navigate through a complicated insurance claim to the correct and proper procedure of installing the roof.  Even today he admits, that after over 16 years in the business he is still learning. In 2017 the wheels started turning on what is now TaurusEliteRoofing.com.

Mark’s passion is providing customers with a new look at customer service.  Everybody wants to buy but no one wants to be sold.  Where 95% of contractors only provide one option to doing business with them, Taurus Elite Roofing can and will provide each customer with up to Five options to remedy their roof issues. This is the business model that Mark and his team live by.

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration You Can Trust

Mark is a 44 year Austin resident and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA majoring in Finance.

Taurus Elite Commercial Roof Systems, 512-332-4422, provides Commercial Roofing services throughout Texas. This includes Commercial Metal Roof repair, Commercial Metal Roof restoration, and Commercial Metal Roof Replacement and Coatings. We have been providing Professional Commercial Roofing services in Texas area for over 16 years. Please give us a call today to schedule a Professional Inspection of your Roof System.


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    About Us

    TaurusEliteRoofing.com, is a subsidiary of Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors

    I'm Mark Franz, the owner, and I'm proud to say no one can beat our quality, pricing and experience in commercial roofing, including commercial metal roof repair and commercial metal roof restoration throughout Texas.